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Bespoke Orders

Bespoke Orders

We at L'Araboutique® are very passionate about what we do and even more passionate about providing these wonderful natural products to benefit absolutely everyone from newborns to the elderly. However, we do understand that there are some of you who may unfortunately have allergies and other negative reactions to some of the ingredients in our products. A sudden outbreak of a rash or swelling isn’t great, so we would like to help you avoid what may cause you any harm. We have clearly listed all of the ingredients and allergy warnings for you to check before purchasing any of our products for yourselves and/or for your loved ones, but do not be disappointed if you find that you cannot use any of our products because of an ingredient-related allergy. If you find a product that you would like to purchase, but there is an ingredient in there that is not suitable for you please let us know and we will be happy to custom make a product for you without it. 


  • People with nut allergies should avoid all products that contain powders and oils that have been made from tree nuts, such as sweet almond oil and argan oil. Sweet almond oil can be substituted in the creams and lotions for extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil. 
  • People with allergies to essential oils can have them removed from the creams, lotion and lip balms. 
  • People who have allergies or reactions to shea butter can have it replaced with coco butter.
  • People who are vegans can have the sidr honey removed from any of the products if this is an issue for them. 
  • If you are in doubt regarding any of the ingredients in the products, please request a sample pack so you can try them out. 


We also offer a service providing pretty mini customised soaps (square or flower shape) to add to your event favours for you to share the love and benefits of our luxurious soaps with your guests. Just let us know which soap(s) you would like and how many. There is a minimum order of 50 pieces per soap type. We can also create mini gift sets for your guests based on what you would like in them and have them wrapped with personalised ribbon with the names of the bride and groom, or company name, for example and the date.

Please note that we need at least 4 weeks notice to make and wrap customised soaps for you.