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About Us

L’Araboutique® (The Arabian Boutique), previously known as Azara Beautique, is a British natural skincare and haircare brand that was born in Saudi Arabia, the heart of The Middle East. We launched our boutique in the UK in the summer of 2018 that is inspired by our Saudi Arabian heritage and to spread global awareness of the natural treasures found in Saudi Arabia's holy lands and the lands of its neighbouring Arabian countries. We proudly offer you the purest natural and halal skincare and haircare products, created and handmade by ourselves with exquisite Arabian ingredients in our workshop that is based in Buckinghamshire, a county that is situated in the heart of a beautiful English countryside.

Our co-founder was the first practicing female homeopath in Saudi Arabia and her knowledge collected over more than 20 years spans across all practices and history of natural medicine for daily health and beauty care. Together with the knowledge passed down from elders, Prophetic medicine and centuries-old research of herbs and plants by Andalusian botanist scholars, her research has inspired our selection of sacred and valuable ingredients. Our traditional beauty secrets, ingredients and recipes all derive from the beautiful act of passing knowledge on from mothers to daughters so that wisdom is never lost and travels across generations and time. Together we have dedicated time and effort travelling across the mountains, deserts and lustrous valleys of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen to find extra virgin olive oil from Palestine and Syria, organic camel milk and mineral-rich Zamzam water from Saudi Arabia, the finest royal green hojari frankincense from Salalah in Oman, fragrant pink roses and ajwa dates from Saudi Arabia’s city of Madina and rich organic sidr honey from Yemen, which are only a few of the luxurious and beneficial ingredients used in our products. We take great pride in working with and not against nature and being the first and only natural skincare and haircare brand in the world that makes unique products with Zamzam water from Saudi Arabia's holiest city Makkah, which has a higher mineral content than any other kind.

We believe that what you apply to your skin should work to nourish and nurture your body from within, which is why we work exclusively with small local family businesses in villages, mountains and deserts who devote themselves to growing high quality natural and organic products that are free from harmful chemical contamination. With our partners, we have built fairness and trust as we cherish the art and dedication of those who are passionate about what they grow, make and sell and we wish to represent them in our brand. Reviving traditions and supporting local farmers doesn't stop at our ingredients, we place enormous value on dedicated independent work and much of our traditional packaging is handmade by skilled Arabian artisans working from their homes, creating beautiful unique pieces.

<b>Company Values</b>

We stand firmly against the use of harmful chemicals in our products. All of our products are free of parabens, sodium and ammonium sulfate, palm oils, harmful alcohol, formaldehydes, harsh preservatives, lanolin, glycol, gluten, mineral oils, artificial flavorings, colours and fragrances, petrochemicals, toxic chemicals, animal glycerin, animal gelatine and microbeads. We do not use harsh preservatives and instead incorporate an eco-friendly vegetable based preservative for natural and organic cosmetics. All our products are 100% cruelty-free, fair-trade, natural, eco-friendly, halal and vegan friendly (apart from the products containing honey and camel milk). We visit the farms to ensure the animals are reared with care and freedom and that they feed only on wild and organic plants in open and natural environments.


All our products are UK/EU and Saudi FDA tested, approved and certified, meeting the highest standards in health and safety. Our workshop and products are registered with UK/EU and Saudi FDA, we are approved and licensed to use Zamzam water in our products and our workshop is ISO 22716 certified (International Standard of good manufacturing practices (GMP) for the cosmetics manufacturing industry), which means it is regularly inspected by auditors and that our products are approved for international exportation.

We look forward to educating you about the wonderful ingredients we use and the products we make via our website and social media.