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Charity Projects

Our team at L’Araboutique® have big dreams to benefit not only our customers, our suppliers and ourselves but to those in need around the world also. We have decided to contribute 50p from every sale made in charity to help to build wells around the world that provide essential clean water to families and communities that need it the most. Water is the gift of life and without clean water we are unable to function as productive human beings. Providing clean water to communities will help to save many lives, as drinking dirty water is one of the main causes of death in the developing world. Close daily access to clean water will help to provide young children and adults in particular with opportunities to study, work and have fruitful futures and local farmers will be able to grow organic crops that are full of beneficial nutrients to help keep the members of its community healthy as well as their customers in other villages, cities and countries. The benefits of clean water are endless and spread far and wide, which makes this our chosen cause. We have chosen The Water Project, a trusted charity to support. We will update you with our progress with information and photos via our newsletters that you can subscribe to and our blog