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Charcoal for Incense Burning

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Charcoal for Incense Burning

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    Burning incense
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    30 pieces
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6.00 GBP

This soft charcoal from Saudi Arabia is considered to be the best type by Arabs for safely burning incense. One piece is enough to burn a few resins and leave the whole house smelling wonderful. 

100% soft charcoal for incense burning.

If you have an electic cooker, place a piece of coal on some foil so it does not touch the cooker plate directly and leave any black marks. Switch on the hob until the piece of coal starts to turn red inside, indicting that it has fully heated all the way through. If you have a gas cooker, using a metal spoon or tongs place the piece of charcoal directly onto the gas hob and remove it once it has heated. This process normally takes around 5-7 minutes. After it has heated place it with some metal tongs onto the incense burner and immediately add some incense onto it while it is hot and it should start burning straight away. After the incense is burned, you can add more resins if the coal is still hot. Avoid areas where there is a smoke alarm, as the smoke from the incense may set it off. Dispose of the ash once it has completely cooled. DO NOT throw the coal away while it is still warm or hot to avoid the risk of fire. Keep well away from carpets and areas where the incense burner can be knocked over and keep it out of the reach of children.

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