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Handmade Soap Dish

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Handmade Soap Dish

25.00 GBP
Incl. VAT
  • For
    Drains soaps
  • SKU 031
  • Weight
  • Size
    12cm x 12cm
  • Category
25.00 GBP

This product is one of our favourites. A very skilled Moroccan potterer brought our logo to life in this very beautiful and detailed organic clay dish, which is available in three earthy colour tones.

100% organic Moroccan clay.

After using a soap bar, place it on the soap dish so that the water drains from it. This will help the soap to dry quickly and last longer. To clean, rinse the soap dish gently with warm water. Do not leave this product soaking in water or exposed to heat and sunshine in order for it to last many years.

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