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Handmade Wooden Bowl and Spoon

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Handmade Wooden Bowl and Spoon

20.00 GBP
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    For hair and face mask mixing
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20.00 GBP

These beautiful face mask dishes are very dear to us and hold a high level of sentimental meaning and value for they have been individually handmade by men and women from a poor Moroccan village. The impressive traditional skills of carpentry using olive tree wood to make the spoons and the root of the dark Moroccan Arar wood that is indigenous in the Essaouira region of Morocco, have been passed down from generation to generation. Each spoon and dish has been made with great happiness, love and care for you to gift them to your loved ones.

100% Moroccan arar wood and 100% olive tree wood.

Do not leave the dish soaking in water or in direct sunlight. To preserve it, wipe it dry with olive oil after washing it with warm water. 

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