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Organic Yemeni Sidr Honey

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Organic Yemeni Sidr Honey

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Organic and pure Yemeni sidr honey earned itself the title of ‘liquid gold’ by the Arabs as it is one of the finest and rarest forms in the world. It is produced by bees who feed solely on the flowers of the sidr trees of the Dho’an valley of the eastern city of Hadramout and can only be harvested once or twice a year making it one of the most scarce and highly sought after honeys worldwide. Famous for its golden colour and rich sweet taste, sidr honey has been a symbol of opulence used by the elite as a luxury beauty and medical product since Ancient Arabian history. It comes abound with miraculous healing properties ranging from its ability to treat wounds, moisturise the skin, fight infections, repair digestive and scalp problems, heal ulcers, boost the immune system and much much more. Sidr honey is a rare honey that has a PH close to that of the human body, which means that it is absorbed very quickly into the blood stream, making it a great medicine, unlike other honeys which are more acidic. Our sidr honey is obtained via traditional Yemeni bee keepers and it is poured raw and untainted after manual and chemical-free extraction, offering you the finest grade of a superior and rare Arab treasure.

100% Pure and Organic Yemeni Sidr Honey.

Add a teaspoon of this honey to any of our masks for maximum benefit. You can also eat a teaspoon of this honey or dilute a teaspoon of it in hot water before drinking it. We recommend that this is consumed early in the morning before breakfast for maximum medical benefits. Store in a cool and dry place.

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  • kishyw's picture
    May 23, 2020, at 09:05
    If you are looking for real sidr honey then you have found it! The quality and texture of the honey is how it should be and as described. My husband is Yemeni and can tell the difference between fake and real and he said that this is the best you can find on the market. I am so happy to find this as I am normally very skeptical about buying sidr honey online as it is rarely pure. This tastes divine and is definitely pure! Amazing! MashAllah ❤️
  • Sara_Ahmed's picture
    June 17, 2020, at 11:06
    This is the best Yemeni sidr honey I have purchased online. Unlike others, I could tell straight away from its smell and texture that it was authentic and it tastes exactly like the sidr honey I have always enjoyed. I really loved it!
  • Alireda's picture
    June 17, 2020, at 17:06
    Amazing sidr honey, really rich and pure. I have a spoon every morning with blackseeds. If you're looking for sidr honey this is excellent, really pleased I found this.