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Arabian Incense

Arabian Incense

L’Araboutique brings you its own collection of luxurious and natural Arabian incense to awaken your senses and give you a relaxing experience. Our natural Cambodian and Malaysian oud chips are hand mixed with pure Cambodian oud oil, amber oil, sandalwood oil and Madina rose oil from Saudi Arabia to give your homes a wonderful and authentic Arabian aroma. These natural oud wood chips are mixed and infused by these exotic oils to boost their beautiful scent and make them last longer. Oud chips are best burnt on a piece of charcoal that is placed inside an incense burner, for their rich fragrance to be released.

In our boutique you can choose between finely shaved oud wood chips and small pieces of oud chips, and we also provide you with the perfect charcoal and Arabian incense burners to burn them in. Our unique and authentic Arabian incense fragrances are often experienced during special occasions, such as weddings and other cultural functions and can also be burned in sacred places to create a peaceful and relaxing environment, as has been done for centuries. With their precious and intense spiritual and cultural significance, these Incense mixes will transport you to the heart of Arabia.

Omani Frankincense and Myrrh Incense
Natural air freshener and insect repellant
30.00 GBP