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Beard Balm

Oud and Blackseed Beard Balm
An improved formula with 10% more Cambodian oud oil!
18.00 GBP

Beard Balm

L’Araboutique brings to you its first organic, eco-friendly, halal hair and beard balm handmade with traditional and native Middle Eastern ingredients long known to be beneficial for the hair. Our chemical-free ingredient combinations will keep your hair and/or beard healthy, soft and smelling great! L’Araboutique’s masculine beard balm has an earthy scent that will help to calm the body and mind, as we combine pure Cambodian oud oil and nourishing cold-pressed Saudi Arabian organic blackseed oil together; two ingredients that are used regularly by traditional Arabian men in their daily grooming routines.

Condition it, tame it or protect it – our creamy beard balm goes the extra mile to deeply hydrate the hair and its roots whilst nourishing and repairing the skin underneath. We use our special organic blackseed oil in this balm as it has been used for centuries for its countless health benefits and to stimulate hair growth, improve the appearance of hair and slow down hair loss, as it contains ß-sitosterol, which helps to inhibit DHT levels in your body. This results in reduced exposure of hair follicles to DHT, which is the main objective in treating hair loss and different kinds of alopecia and thinning patches in both facial hair and the scalp. Furthermore, we added organic shea butter and luxurious cold-pressed organic Moroccan argan oil to thicken and protect your hair. Just apply a pea sized volume of the balm on the palm of your hand and rub your palms together to warm it slightly, before applying it to your damp hair and/or beard. We are sure you will enjoy the difference it makes with time.