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Body scrubs

Body Scrubs

For silky smooth skin that glows, try one of our natural and handmade face, hand and body scrubs. We carefully formulate our scrubs so that they not only exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, impurities and blackheads, but deeply hydrate and repair any damaged skin too. Each scrub is made with traditional organic Arabian ingredients long known for their deep cleansing and nourishing properties. Our luxurious range starts with an organic Yemeni Arabica coffee body scrub that is only to be used on areas affected with cellulite, as it is coarse and high in caffeine. Combined with organic cinnamon and ginger, this scrub will help to burn stubborn fat under the skin and stimulate the blood circulation to give your skin a smoother and more toned appearance. You will crave a cup of coffee after using this one! The second scrub is specially made with fragrant pink Madina roses, pure Yemeni sidr honey, organic cinnamon, fair-trade brown sugar and complimented with mineral-rich Zamzam water to polish your skin and give it a velvet-like texture.

Skin that is regularly exfoliated will appear younger, fresher and more hydrated, as it greatly helps to improve the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and unclogs the dirt trapped in pores to reveal cleaner and smoother skin. Exfoliating regularly also helps to release any ingrown hairs trapped under the skin. We recommend that you use a scrub only once a week if on the face and up to twice a week on the rest of the body. It is also important that you add extra moisture to your skin after using a scrub, especially if your skin is dry, by using a face cream, lotion or serum.