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The L'Araboutique Immune Booster Collection

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This collection is the ultimate immune system booster that includes 4 powerful products that will work together to help protect you and your families from the harmful effects of the flu.

Organic Blackseeds and Blackseed Oil: Our blackseeds from Saudi Arabia come from the nigella sativa flowering plant and have long been known in Islamic history and by Arabs as the "blessed seeds", as they help to greatly improve the immune system and are rich in antibacterial properties that helps to cleanse the blood and body from parasites and infections. Medical researchers and media journalists have written about the benefits of blackseeds and how they have been found to support the immune system by fighting viruses and harmful bacteria. 

Organic and Pure Yemeni Sidr Honey: Famous for its golden colour and rich sweet taste, Yemeni sidr honey has been a symbol of opulence used by the elite as a luxury medical product since Ancient Arabian history. It comes abound with miraculous healing properties ranging from its ability to treat wounds, moisturise the skin, fight infections, repair digestive and scalp problems, heal ulcers, boost the immune system and much much more. This is due to the fact that it is a rare honey that has a PH close to that of the human body, which means that it is absorbed very quickly into the blood stream, making it a great medicine, unlike other honeys which are more acidic.

Charcoal and Blackseed Soap: This powerful soap bar is made of activated organic coconut shell charcoal, which will draw out impurities from deep within your pores and antibacterial blackseeds. These two ingredients, along with mineral-rich and antibacterial Zamzam water, help to purify and sanitize the skin by deeply cleansing and healing from deep within. 

This collection is suitable for 1-4 people, which makes it a great gift for a small family.


Please visit each product page for ingredient and allergen information.

These products come together in a set. 

These products may not be suitable for vegans.

*Important Note: Some doctors advise that pregnant women in their first trimester shouldn't consume blackseeds. 

Handmade in the United Kingdom.

1. Blackseeds and Yemeni Sidr Honey: Take a teaspoon of the honey and sprinkle some blackseeds onto it and eat this daily before breakfast for a great immune system boost.

2. Blackseed oil: Add 3-4 drops of this oil once a day to your daily juice or smoothie and mix well.

3. Soap bar: Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with this deep cleansing soap bar.


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  • Alireda's picture
    June 17, 2020, at 18:06
    Average: 5 (1 vote)
    I got this for my brother who wasn't feeling well and he loved it. It arrived quickly in really nice packaging and the quality of the honey, soap, oil and blackseeds is something else. It's very good value for money