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Face Creams

Madina Rose and Saffron Face Cream
For a gorgeous glow!
50.00 GBP
Neem and Moringa Face Cream
For eczema, rashes and psoriasis
36.00 GBP
Frankincense and Myrrh Face Cream
For tightening the pores and skin and lightening blemishes
45.00 GBP

Face Creams

L’Araboutique’s handmade natural face creams are truly one-of-a-kind, as they are the only creams in the world to be made with naturally antibacterial Zamzam mineral water obtained from the springs of Saudi Arabia’s holiest city Makkah to hydrate beautify, repair, nourish and deeply heal the skin. Our luxurious creams are enriched with 100% natural Middle Eastern ingredients used by Arabs and botanists for centuries due to their immense benefits and together with Zamzam water, our carefully chosen ingredients work harmoniously together to maintain healthy skin.

As the skin is our largest organ, anything you apply onto it is absorbed into your blood stream and so we carefully study the best ingredient combinations that work efficiently at nourishing skin cells, penetrating the skin’s layers and encouraging the skin’s ability to heal itself with help from their rich vitamin and mineral content before formulating our products. Our face creams are also safe to use on sensitive skin, as they do not contain harsh chemicals and preservatives. We only use a tiny amount of eco-friendly plant based preservatives in all our products (We listed the % used in each ingredients list), and so we regularly make our creams in small batches to keep them fresh for our customers. Each cream has a shelf life of up to four months from the date of production when stored in cool areas, making them harmless and a healthier option for those who are passionate about maintaining their health.