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Face Masks

Our exotic face mask ingredients have been obtained from traditional recipes that have been passed down from Arabian mothers to daughters for generations. It has been our mission to bring together the best natural ingredients that have been used to nourish the skin, brighten the complexion, tighten the pores, lighten blemishes and keep the skin healthy and silky smooth without compromising on your health. Many of these Arabian ingredients, such as Moroccan clay, frankincense, gold, pomegranate peel, myrrh and turmeric are used to prepare brides for their big day and in traditional Arabian spa rituals.

Our luxurious powder face masks are completely halal and chemical free and are best mixed with our Zamzam face toners and some pure organic Yemeni sidr honey for the best outcome, both in health and beauty. Adding mineral-rich Zamzam water to the powder to form a paste will give the mask an extra boost of nourishment. Our frankincense, myrrh and 24 carat gold face mask, however can be applied as it is, as it already contains this precious water. Our experts at L’Araboutique have carefully formulated these products using the perfect combination and measurement of each ingredient by hand to ensure that you are left with a beautiful and radiant glow.

Sultanah Face Lift Mask
Tightens the pores and lifts the skin
18.00 GBP
Sahara Glow Face Mask
Brightens and clears the skin
18.00 GBP