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20.00 GBP
Zamzam and Madina Rose Face Toner
Tones and balances the Ph of the skin
20.00 GBP

Face toners

L’Araboutique’s handmade natural face toners are the only toners in the world to be made with naturally antibacterial Zamzam mineral water to tone, nourish and deeply heal the skin. Zamzam mineral water is only found in a 35 metre-deep desert well in Makkah, the holiest city in Saudi Arabia and emerged during the lifetime of Prophet Abraham 2400 BC. It is considered by many scientists to be the purest form of water on earth because of the amount of bicarbonates (366mg/l) found in it, which is even higher than the pure water obtained from the French Alps. Zamzam water is antibacterial, alkaline and germicidal in nature because of its fluoride content and is rich in many vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium that help to detoxify the skin and body. As a result, Zamzam has become an essential ingredient that is used in this product, which makes it unique to others.

We currently have two toners, the first is made with the finest green Omani hojari frankincense resins from Salalah and the second is made with freshly picked roses from Saudi Arabia’s second holiest city, Madina. We distil the roses and resins in the Zamzam water to create a purified liquid that is rich with vitamins and minerals, making it a real treat for your skin. This product can also be used as a great addition to our powder face masks. Mix the mask with some of this water and raw honey to create a paste that will leave your face with a fresh and bright complexion.