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L’Araboutique prides itself on being a luxury boutique that offers its customers the ability to purchase many premium and raw organic ingredients used in the products. These ingredients include cold-pressed oils, dates, flowers, plant powders, herbs and seeds. We personally collect, wash and prepare our ingredients that come from different areas in The Arabian Gulf region, primarily Saudi Arabia. It is important that we educate our visitors and customers about the countless health, beauty and medicinal benefits of all the ingredients so that you can use them in their raw form to improve your health and to further understand the value and quality of the products we make. The ingredients we provide have been used in many ways for hundreds of years by Arabs and have been an integral part of every Arabian household. You can read more about the uses of each wonderful ingredient below.

Pure Organic Sidr Oil
For skin and hair
12.00 GBP
Pure Organic Blackseed Oil
Hair and skin oil and a super immune system booster
12.00 GBP
Organic Madina Henna
Henna for hair dye and body art
12.00 GBP
Organic Madina Roses
A wonderful addition to herbal tea
8.00 GBP
Organic Blackseeds
A super immune system booster and internal body cleanser
8.00 GBP