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Saudi Arabian Coffee Mix

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Saudi Arabian Coffee Mix

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    Wonderfully fragrant Arabian coffee
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Drinking Arabic coffee is an integral part of the culture and traditional practices of the Arabs, which originated in Yemen over 500 years ago. The most famous Arabic coffee is golden in colour and is served in almost every Arabian household. It is a symbol of hospitality and is served to guests with beautifully rich and sweet dates or chocolate, as you do not add sugar to this particular coffee. It is a sign of respect to offer the first coffee cup to the main guest of honour and it must always be served with the right hand. It is also a cultural etiquette that the coffee does not fill more than half of the cup, as overfilling indicates that the server is not hospitable and they wish for the guest to leave soon. This traditional and aromatic Saudi coffee mixture, which includes rich green Yemeni cardamom, Iranian saffron, cloves and spicy ginger has been passed down throughout generations and is sure to add an exotic Middle Eastern touch to your homes. 

Arabic coffee, cardamom, ginger, cloves, saffron. 

Place 2 teaspoons of the coffee mixture into a turkish coffee pot (cezve) and cover it with boiling water until the water reaches 80% of the pot. Over a medium heat allow the mixture to gently boil until it starts to produce froth on the surface. Add half a teaspoon of extra freshly ground cardamom and a teaspoon of milk, if desired, before straining the mixture with a sieve and adding it to a cup. You can re-boil the mixture again to make a second cup. 

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