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Organic Mastic Gum

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Organic Mastic Gum

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    Used in food and incense
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Mastic gum is a natural ancient resin that is formed from the hardened sap of Mastic trees found in some parts of Yemen and the Greek island of Chios. It is considered as a superfood as it is rich with nutrients and used as a flavouring in many Middle Eastern food dishes, for incense burning and also for its healthy chewing gum properties. When taken internally, mastic gum can help to reduce bloating, cholesterol, infections, digestive problems from acid reflux, heartburn and bad breath. As an incense it is burned over a hot coal and releases an exotic fragrance that helps to drive out insects from the home. It also has a calming spiritual effect when burned and helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

100% organic Yemeni Mastic Gum 

Consuming: Mastic gum resins can be consumed as a normal piece of gum and they soften as you chew.  

Cooking: Melt 2 or 3 small pieces of mastic gum in hot oil when you fry the onions and spices for that extra Middle Eastern flavour.

Incense: Add a few resins to a hot coal so they burn and release their beautiful and exotic aroma. 

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