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Organic Omani Myrrh

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Organic Omani Myrrh

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    Natural mouthwash and wound healer
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Omani Myrhh is extracted from the Commiphora myrrha trees, an incision into the bark produces a glossy waxy resin which is collected and transformed into glassy amber beads. It is a cherished and valued jewel of the Arab world and is commonly burnt as an incense to produce a spicy and warm aroma used as an aid to meditation. Due to its powerful anti-septic properties and healing nature, myrhh has been used for centuries topically and internally in medicine across the globe. When soaked for 24 hours in hot water the resin dissolves to create a potent anti-septic solution to apply directly to wounds, ulcers and cuts or to use regularly as a mouthwash.

100% Pure and organic Omani myrrh

Important: It is advised that pregnant women avoid gargling with and inhaling myrrh. 

Do not allow children to use myrrh unsupervised.


Add 1 large piece or 10 grams of myrrh to a 1 litre glass bottle filled with hot water and close the lid. Leave the myrrh to melt for 24 hours. Shake the bottle well before using it as a mouth wash or anti-septic for cuts and wounds. One bottle can last up to 10 days or so depending on use. Store in a cool and dry place, away from children.


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