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Serum Elixirs

Serum Elixirs

L’Araboutique prides itself in offering you luxurious, healthy and unique elixir oils made from Arabia’s finest ingredients that were once only sourced for the needs of royalty and the elite – organic Saudi Arabian blackseeds, organic Omani green hojari frankincense, pure Omani myrrh, fresh fragrant pink roses from Saudi Arabia’s city of Madina and pure Iranian saffron. Each elixir is handmade by us in our workshop using a cold-process method, which means that little to none of the nutrients found in the raw ingredients are lost as they are during hot-process methods. Our elixirs are also 100% natural and organic, do not contain any artificial fragrances that cause skin irritations and are completely halal.

Each elixir oil has a specific purpose; the Madina Rose and Saffron Elixir is wonderful at balancing the PH of the skin to give you a beautiful healthy glow due to its high vitamin C content and the Blackseed and Ginger Elixir is a beneficial oil for men, as it is rich in antioxidants and helps to treat acne and condition the hair and beard. This elixir is also great at improving the blood circulation and encouraging hair growth, as it contains spicy ingredients, such as ginger and black pepper. The third elixir is the Omani Frankincense and Myrrh Elixir, which is very effective at tightening the pores, smoothing out fine lines and lightening the appearance of blemishes for a more youthful complexion. This elixir is also effective on the scalp, as it helps to slow down hair loss and encourage hair growth.

These elixirs can be used as a more natural alternative to face creams and work very well with our skin toners and face masks. You only need to apply a few drops to your skin and/or hair daily for these to be effective, as they are quickly absorbed into the skin and are deeply nourishing, hydrating and mixed with other ingredients that are rich in vitamin E to improve your skin and hair internally and externally.

45.00 GBP
Blackseed and Ginger Elixir
Face, beard and hair oil
36.00 GBP
Frankincense and Myrrh Elixir
Face and hair oil serum
36.00 GBP