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Shampoo Bars

Ajwa Date and Zamzam Soap
Deeply nourishes the skin and scalp
18.00 GBP
Moringa and Arabian Sea Salt Soap
Heals cuts and wounds
15.00 GBP
Henna, Sage and Aloe Vera Soap
Nourishes the skin and darkens dark/grey hair
15.00 GBP
Arabic Gum and Bay Leaf Soap
Lightens scars and blemishes and strengthens hair
15.00 GBP
Neem and Sidr Soap
Helps to treat rashes, eczema and psoriasis
15.00 GBP
Frankincense and Myrrh Soap
Tightens the skin and encourages hair growth
18.00 GBP
Charcoal and Blackseeds Soap
Deeply cleans the skin and scalp
15.00 GBP
Arabic Coffee, Cardamom and Ginger Soap
Stimulates the blood circulation in the skin and scalp
15.00 GBP

Shampoo bars

L’Araboutique started with the creation of this beautiful and colourful range of authentic, unique and traditional shampoo bars made with a wide selection of Arabian ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to beautify, treat and heal. Our 3 exclusive soap bars in the collection have been created with mineral-rich Zamzam water, making them the first in the world of their kind. All of our natural shampoo bars are handmade with organic plant butters, extra virgin vegetable oils, herbs, resins, flowers, milks and spices to give your skin the best of what Middle Eastern nature has to offer. Extra virgin olive oil, ajwa date stones, organic aloe vera juice, henna powder, neem powder and sidr powder are just a few of the beneficial ingredients we use and together they create a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and nourishment. Our specially formulated shampoo bars not only clean the scalp, but also help to thicken hair, balance the PH and oil production on the scalp, moisturize the scalp, encourage hair growth and help to slow down hair loss and thinning. These soaps are very gentle on the scalp and do not strip it of its natural and protective oils.

Every shampoo bar is handmade in our workshop, cold processed to retain its natural glycerin and gorgeous earthy scent. Our bars are free from perfumes, essential oils, preservatives and chemicals. We believe that what you apply to your scalp should work to beautify and heal internally and externally, which is why we have chosen to keep our shampoo bars as clean, natural and as organic as possible by obtaining most of our raw ingredients from the most authentic and traditional desert and mountain farmers in Arabia. Having created soaps for many years we understand that each person has a different set of needs for haircare, which is why we created a collection of 14 bars to make sure that we have something suitable for everyone, including vegans and children! What’s more is that our soaps are wonderfully eco-friendly and wrapped in recycled paper. We are a team of passionate artisans who hand make our precious shampoo bars in order to infuse our positive energy into them and maintain their high quality, for you to benefit from and enjoy.

We encourage you to read more about each shampoo bar below and to visit their list of ingredients to check that you are not allergic to any before purchasing.