L’Araboutique® is proudly the world’s first and only natural, organic and halal skincare brand to create many skincare products that include pure Zamzam mineral water to tone, nourish and deeply heal the skin. Zamzam mineral water is only found in a 35 metre-deep desert well in Makkah, the holiest city in Saudi Arabia and emerged during the lifetime of Prophet Abraham 2400 BC (click here to read the story of Zamzam water). It is considered by many scientists to be the purest form of water on earth because of the amount of bicarbonates (366mg/l) found in it, which is even higher than the pure water obtained from the French Alps. Zamzam water is antibacterial, alkaline and germicidal in nature because of its fluoride content and is rich in many vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium that help to detoxify the skin and body. It has a Ph of 7.5-7.7 which is in-line with the Ph of the human body, making it a wonderful medical healer as it is absorbed and processed by the body quickly to reach your organs, unlike other liquids and waters that are more acidic. As a result, Zamzam has become an essential ingredient that is used in our products, which makes them unique to others. 

Some people have expressed concerns about using or wasting Zamzam water in skincare, when it is meant to be for drinking, so we found it important to write this article and address those concerns while highlighting the benefits of Zamzam in skincare.

1. Your Skin is Your Largest Organ

Many people forget that your skin is your largest organ and that is a primary gateway for nourishing your body internally and externally. Your pores will absorb what is applied onto your skin and carry it through its layers until it makes its way down into your blood stream. Due to this, many people may find that they suffer from irritations and infections when using chemical-based skincare, as the product travels through the delicate layers of your skin. The Zamzam water content on the other hand will not only feed your skin, but it will travel down to your blood stream so your body can benefit from its minerals and healing abilities internally. Think of it as a way of nourishing your body, as doctors do for hospital patients when they are fed via tubes that go through their skin. Those who cannot get hold of Zamzam water to drink can benefit from it via our water-based products and special mineral soap bars.

2. Absorb Zamzam Minerals from Soap Bar Cleansers and Leave On Products

Due to our limited access to large amounts of Zamzam water, we have created only 3 soap bars with it and these are the soap bars that contain primary sunna ingredients known for their incredible health benefits and they are: ajwa dates, blackseeds, sidr honey, figs and olives. The Zamzam water content evaporates during the 6 week curing and drying stages, as they are cold-process soaps, leaving behind its minerals in the soap bar. Each time you cleanse your face with one of these gentle and organic soap bars or use one of our leave-on creams, toners or lotions, you benefit from the minerals found in Zamzam water and none of it goes to waste in the bathroom.

3. Zamzam is a Natural Skin Healer

Zamzam water has been described and mentioned in the holy books of various religions, including the Torah (Old Testament/Torah), the Bible, and the Quran as holy water and is termed as a great gift from God (click here to read the story of Zamzam water).  Muslims use Zamzam water to recover from diseases, as the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: “Water of Zamzam is good for whatever (purpose) it has been drank.” The Prophet also said: Water of Zamzam is a healer of every disease. It is the place where angel Jibril (Gabriel) indicated it and dug it, and it is the water of Allah that made Ismail (to be the first) to drink it" Ahmad and Ibrahim (1996).

Khalid et.al (2014) pointed in their review article that Zamzam water can and has be used to recover from some diseases, as it has unique analytic properties and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

4. Zamzam is a Natural Skin Cell Repairer and Enhancer

The head of the largest medical center in Munich, German scientist Dr. Knut Pfeiffer, has long been studying the effects and benefits of Zamzam water. One of his most fascinating findings was that the water increases energy levels and strengthens the cell systems of the human body, which he was able to prove with plenty of research and countless trials.Therefore, the Zamzam water content in our products will work with other ingredients to effectively regenerate damaged cells to give you healthier and more supple skin. 

5. Zamzam is an Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Water

Zamzam Water contains no germs or bacteria which is why we do not need to use harmful preservatives in our products to keep them in good condition. It naturally fights any toxic bacteria that could cause harm to your health, making it a fantastic immune system supporter and enhancer too. According to Dr. Yahya Koshak, and following a series of tests using ultraviolet tech through Europe and Saudi Arabia, Zamzam Water was found to be completely free of germs and bacteria because of its high levels of fluoride. Unlike other waters, Zamzam is safer to use on your skin and can help prolong the life of creams and lotions when kept in a cool environment (even though we recommend that all organic creams and lotions are used as soon as they are purchased and within a period of 2 months to benefit from the freshness of their ingredients).

6. Zamzam is a Miraculous Body Nourisher

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was known to have survived on drinking Zamzam water alone for periods of time, as it contains all the elements and nutrients needed for your body to function at optimum level, curbing the pangs of hunger and fatigue. He said “The best water on the face of the earth is the water of Zamzam; it is a kind of food and a healing from sickness.” Zamzam is also not only a blood cleanser, but a blood platelet regenerator and helps to strengthen your bones and body systems, such as the digestive, nervous, reproductive and respiratory system. It is also known for greatly improving the quality of breast milk and healing symptoms caused by eczema, psoriasis, sun burn and insect bites. Applying this water over your eyes (check out our Zamzam facial toners) also helps to brighten the eyesight and has been known to cure many eye related disorders.

7. Zamzam Has Great Spiritual Significance

Every year when Muslims visit the Kaabah (what Muslims refer to as God’s House) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia’s holiest city while they perform Hajj or Umrah (the major and minor pilgrimages), they consume the water of Zamzam to reap its medical, beauty and general health benefits. It is consumed during the pilgrimage for spiritual reasons also, to remind them of God’s miracle when He sent angel Gabriel to expose the spring of Zamzam and provided sustenance to Hajar, the wife of Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail. Since that time, Zamzam water has continued to flow and provide pure water for millions of people. The spiritual lesson is to believe that God will always find a way of providing for you during difficult times in ways you did not expect.

L’Araboutique® is ISO 22716 certified and is a company registered with Saudi FDA and legally approved by UK and Saudi authorities to use Zamzam water in skincare.


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