Natural Frankincense & Myrrh resins


To all Customers, Followers and Friends of L’Araboutique,

As we all find ourselves navigating through an economic crisis, I am writing this open letter to you, from myself and my team, to honour the trust that you have put in us through the years.

L’Araboutique is our commitment to sharing rich Arabian heritage and homeopathy with you, from our humble HQ in the British countryside. Our mission has always been to embrace the age-old traditions of beauty, passed through generations, by bringing powerful formulas to life. Today, these values remain at our core, despite our journey being met with some challenges.

The world has been navigating through a cost of living crisis, which has sent ripples through markets globally. The surge in prices have affected us too, as we expand our team to better our service to you. The cost of global shipping has seen unprecedented increases, and the value of our handpicked precious ingredients, has also risen.

We have tried our very best to shield you from these rising costs over the last few years, having not changed our prices since pre-COVID times. We tried to absorb the costs to uphold our promise of delivering exceptional quality at the price you have come to expect. But despite our best efforts to contain it, it’s reached a point where we must make the difficult decision to adjust our prices. Please trust that we didn’t take this decision lightly; we explored every possible avenue before arriving at this outcome.

Personally, I am truly grateful for the support you have given us over the years - which saw me mixing ancient Arabian formulas by myself in my kitchen, to being able to expand my team, space and products. Your trust in L’Araboutique is priceless, which is why I assure you that we will always deliver the same high quality products that you have come to love. It is your belief in the brand that fuels us to deliver products that reflect sustainability, purity, and the highest standards of product integrity.

We hope you will continue your journey with L’Araboutique, confident in knowing that, despite the adjustments, you are still receiving unrivalled products. And in return, we promise to continue our relentless dedication to crafting formulas that nurture your skin, hair, and lifestyle.

Thank you for walking this path with us.

With love and gratitude,

Mona, Founder of L'Araboutique

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