As the festive season approaches, the quest for that perfect gift begins. Drawing back to the origins of Christmas steeped in Middle Eastern allure, L'Araboutique presents the ultimate gift guide to bring joy and luxury to your loved ones.

1. Best for Her:
The Omani Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Kit, (Current Sale Price: £170)

For the queen in your life, gift the regal experience of Omani Frankincense & Myrrh. This facial set transcends the ordinary, promising to nourish and rejuvenate the skin with the most prized ingredients of the East. Known for their powerful healing and anti-aging properties, Frankincense and Myrrh have stood the test of time. Gift this treasure to unveil the most radiant complexion amidst the winter festive season.

2. Best for Him:
The L'Araboutique Men's Skincare Collection (Current Sale Price: £110)
With the contemporary man in mind, our Men's Skincare Collection is both simplicity and sophistication. This collection caters to discerning tastes of the distinguished gentleman, providing everything he needs for a refreshed and smooth complexion, including a soap bar, serum, beard balm, deodorant and a body scrub. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to the gentle touch of nature's finest ingredients.

3. Best Luxury Gift:
The Ancient Arabian Serum Collection (Current Sale Price: £260)

Unlock the secrets of timeless beauty with the Ancient Arabian Serum Collection, a compilation of L'Araboutique's five most exquisite serums. Each elixir, steeped in history and potency, has different properties and uses, immersing the skin in opulent blends of oils. This set is sure to leave an impression, making it the ultimate gesture of elegance and care.

4. Best for Perfume Lovers:
Royal Cambodian Oud & Madina Rose Oil (Current Sale Price: £65, 3ml)

Indulge your loved ones with an alluring perfume that represents nobility and allure. This pure, high grade oil is a dance of two precious and rare ingredients that meld together to form a deep and smoky aroma, offset with delicate floral notes. It's a personal keepsake that captivates, with a beautiful scent that lingers on the clothes and skin.

5. Best Stocking Filler:
Jasmine & Coconut Lip Balm (Current Sale Price: £8)

The Jasmine & Coconut Lip Balm is a beautifully hydrating blend that promises pampered lips through the festive season and beyond. Infused with the intoxicating scent of jasmine with hydrating coconut oil, this balm is an everyday luxury, making it a thoughtful and considerate gift, perfect to fill a stocking.


6. Best Home Gift:
Madina Rose & Cambodian Oud Scented Candle (Current Sale Price: £36)

Warm the heart and home with a candle that encapsulates the spirit of the East. The Madina Rose & Cambodian Oud Scented Candle transforms any space with its alluring and sophisticated fragrance. With pure essential oils, this candle makes the perfect gift for Christmas.

Our dedication to quality and heritage ensures that your Christmas gifts are narratives of the ancient world, lovingly crafted for the modern individual. Embrace the season of giving with a touch of Middle Eastern magic!

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