Celebrate Joy and Tradition This Eid al-Adha with L'Araboutique Gifting

What does Eid mean to me?

Let me take you back in time to my hometown, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, where my childhood Eid celebrations would start with cleansing and perfuming ourselves for prayer, and would end in dressing in our finest, feasting together and beach-side festivities overlooking pristine blue seas. 

My memories of Eid in Jeddah are this. Rose perfume and oud incense fills the air, the hems of silk abayas sweep across the floors, and plates of sweet dates, home-made bread and grilled meat line the tables. Cardamom-laced coffee is being poured into intricate cups, passed around while traditional music and laughter fills my ears. Eid al-Adha is a time for families to reunite, share blessings, and exchange gifts that embody appreciation.

Fast forward to today. I’m preparing ahead for Eid next month in the beautiful British countryside, where I now call home, far away from Saudi Arabia. Many Muslims will celebrate in different ways, as per individual cultures, but my plan is still the same: to bring the vibrant customs of the Middle East into my home. I’ll be sharing my traditions with friends from all walks of life. After all, this is a time to come together for celebration, togetherness and giving.

From the inception of L'Araboutique, sharing the timelessness of Middle Eastern heritage has always been our focus, and so we thought very carefully when choosing the items that would go into our gifting guide. Each gift is inspired by Arabian Eid rituals that offer a journey into the heart of tradition.

We have discounted Eid gifts at 15% until mid-June, simply add the items to your cart, and see the discounts applied at check out. Here are our top picks for Eid gifts. I hope you love them.

L'Araboutique's Gifting Guide:

The Saudi Eid Giftbox (Limited Edition): This beautiful box features our high grade bakhoor with Malaysian oud chips, enhanced with Cambodian oud oil and Madina rose oil, along with a burner exclusive to this giftbox. The Men's Gift Box also features a hair & beard serum along with a soap bar, while the Women's Gift Box also features Arabian-inspired scented candle, a soap bar and a bath bomb. These gift boxes guide you through Islamic traditions of cleansing, bathing and purifying the air for prayer.

The Saudi Arabian Soap Collection: This gift box offers a quartet of multi-purpose soap bars, each infused with unique blends of Ancient Arabian ingredients, for their cleansing, nourishing, and purifying benefits. These soaps are perfect for use on the hands, body, face and hair.

Pure Exotic Arabian Jasmine Sambac Oil: The captivating scent of Arabian Jasmine Sambac is a timeless symbol of elegance. Our pure Jasmine Sambac oil leaves a deep aroma with the smallest use, that lingers for days. 

Saudi Arabian Coffee Mix: An integral part of Arab culture, traditional coffee is a symbol of hospitality and is served with sweet dates or chocolate to guests. It's customary to offer the first cup to the main guest, filling the cup half-full. Ours is hand blended with cardamom, Iranian saffron and cloves, and completes your Eid gathering.

Madina Rose and Cambodian Oud Candle: A thoughtful gift for the home, with the captivating fragrances of Arabia. Our Madina Rose and Oud Candle infuses the air with a long-lasting scent, perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere during Eid celebrations.

The Ancient Arabian Serum Collection: A collection of 5 multi-purpose serums for your hair and face. Each serum has a different purpose and bottles the very best of Ancient Arabian ingredients that have been used since through the ages as traditional beauty remedies.

What does Eid mean to you?

After reading my story, I'd like to ask you the same: what does Eid mean to you? Share the magic of Arabia with your loved ones, with L'Araboutique. 

Eid Mubarak!

With love, 
Mona, Founder

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