Due to being a boutique that creates unique handmade skincare and haircare products, we strongly encourage the continuation of handmade crafts and skills. Azara Beautique is a fairtrade business and supports the livelihood of poor families in The Middle East and North Africa who have passed on their craft and farming skills to their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, handmade production is dying out in these countries and regions due to the Chinese economy taking over their businesses by mass producing replications of their products in factories and at a much lower cost to customers. This practice affects the families who depend on selling their handmade crafts and organic produce to make a living. 

These beautiful boxes are very dear to us and hold a high level of sentimental meaning and value for they have been individually handmade by men and women from a poor Moroccan village near Marrakech. The impressive traditional skills of carpentry using the root of the dark Moroccan Arar wood that is indigenous in the Essaouira region of Morocco, have been passed down from generation to generation. Each box has been made with great happiness, love and care for you to give your loved ones. We particularly loved their enthusiasm and creative efforts in hand creating our logo, rather than stamping it inside the box, in order to preserve their carving and engraving skills, making each box a unique work of art. Its strong woody fragrance and luxuriously smooth finish makes it a long-lasting, re-useable and wonderful gift for any family and soap lovers.

Alongside these boxes, we have a collection of small face mask mixing dishes that are handmade from the same Arar wood. Each dish is beautifully made and branded with our logo on the bottom and comes with a handmade spoon made from olive tree wood.

The third product is a dear favourite of our customers. A very skilled and creative Moroccan potterer surprised us by bringing our logo to life in this very impressive, beautiful and detailed organic clay dish, which is available in three earthy colour tones. He works with his brothers and children in a small workshop to produce customised clay ornaments for the locals. These dishes are special and convenient, as they help to drain and dry our soaps quickly after each use, making them last longer. 

We really value the work and time that goes into handmade crafts, as these are made with great pride, love, care and the best of materials the local region has to offer. Therefore, we wish to spread the love by encouraging people who care about their health and the well-being of societies to purchase these products in order to support the continuation of these beautiful traditional skills. This not only benefits our business and customers, but poorer communities and the environment also, as large factories greatly contribute to air pollution. By supporting Azara Beautique, you will be improving the lives of others, as well as treating, pampering and nourishing your hair and skin with the best of what mother nature has to offer. 

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