The number of skincare products we come into contact with on a daily basis via ads, social media, videos can be overwhelming and difficult to choose from. Most of us do not understand the difference between handmade natural skincare products and natural factory-made products and the difference between products made with conventional methods and those made with holistic homeopathic methods. 

So how do we sort through this information? Let’s break it down and look at the benefits of holistic, homeopathic skincare and how it can play a great role in keeping your overall body and skin healthy and looking great.

All of our skincare products at L’Araboutique® have been formulated according to homeopathic methods by our co-founder Dr. Samira Zaidan, who has been a practicing Homeopath and Herbalist for over 20 years and is a member of the Homeopathic Medical Association in the UK. Holistic and alternative medicine relies on the concept that the whole body’s health must be considered as a single unit (mind, body and spirit). Examples of this are eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water, avoiding smoking and alcohol, getting enough exercise, meditation, using natural chemical-free products and avoiding stress as much as possible. 

Homeopathy was discovered by chemist Samuel Hahnemann in 18th Century Germany and is based on the belief that the body is able to cure itself with some natural assistance. He wrote his first book in 1810 titled “The Organon of the Healing Art”, which is a great book about the effect of homeopathy and natural resources in curing diseases. Ingredients which have been shown to be effective for skin health include raw sea salt, shea butter, neem, moringa, frankincense, myrrh, calendula, nettles and much more. These ingredients are used in homeopathic remedies due to their high energy levels and medical benefits. If a particular plant has shown to be very effective in curing or treating a specific skin condition, for example, it will be used in homeopathic skincare and remedies. We also encorporated the studies of Englishman Dr. Edward Bach in our research, who was greatly inspired by homeopathy and created remedies from wild flowers in the 1920’s to gently restore the harmonious balance between mind and body.

Andalusian botanists and herbalists in the 18th  Century adopted a holistic and homeopathic approach when creating remedies for different skin problems and we have carried on this practice, as it is the safest way to help treat skin conditions without causing harm to the human body. Modern, Western medicine generally treats common skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis with medication, however pharmaceutical products will target the symptoms, whereas homeopathic plants and remedies will target the root cause of the problem. We found that neem, moringa and sidr work very well together if the leaves have been obtained from trees that grow in the same area and they compliment each other to fight the bacteria that causes the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Scientists and botanists have spent years studying the most effective plants to target certain types of skin bacteria, fungus and free radicals to detox the skin. They also discovered alternatives to modern day retinol, such as hojari frankincense and other resins, such as myrrh that are found to be natural and powerful alternatives to conventional chemical antiseptics. Unless a patient or customer has an allergic reaction to a plant or natural ingredient, it is highly unlikely for them to suffer from any side effects in other parts of the body from natural and homeopathic remedies and skincare.

Chemicals in modern day cosmetics are able to provide an almost immediate result, especially in anti-ageing skincare, however this can be damaging long-term to the skin. As holistic artisans, we strongly believe that the body is made up of water and clay and synthetic chemicals cannot compensate for natural plants, resins, milks, flowers and mineral water as food and medicine for our bodies. Factory made products are also distributed in the thousands, if not millions, on a monthly basis, so the most powerful chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to the human body (if used on a daily or regular basis) are needed to be used in order to prolong the shelf life of the products. If this is not done then companies can lose a substantial amount of money should thousands of products not get sold before their PAO (period after opening date). 

At L’Araboutique® we are proud to offer a wide range of handmade skincare products which support your skin and your overall health. Each formulation has been carefully studied and years of research has gone into finding the best ingredient combinations to produce the most desired results. In homeopathy, studies have shown that the energy of ingredients have to be harmonious and compatible for them to work together efficiently, and so it is not always suitable to mix oils that do not blend well together on an energy level. It is also important, as mentioned before, to mix plants that have been grown in the same soil and area. Incompatible oils and ingredients can cause irritations and discomfort to the skin. While we do not tout any of our products to have medicinal purposes, we do believe that using all-natural skin and hair care products allow our customers to feel great about what they are using to keep their skin clean, moisturized, and protected! Our products are always 100% free of any GMOs, sulfates, parabens, glycols, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and are always cruelty-free.  Manufacturing by hand enables us to produce freshly made products on a regular basis and take real care when it comes to creating our skincare range holistically. Positive human energy is an essential requirement when making homeopathic remedies and performing any kind of holistic therapy, as we believe you can pass it onto others. 

Should you have a serious medical concern then it is highly advised to visit a dermatologist for a consultation.

If you would like an appointment with our Homeopath, Dr. Samira Zaidan is currently taking appointments via Zoom due to the current situation with Covid-19 and the fee is £40 per hour. Email us at: info@l-araboutique.com to schedule an appointment. It is important to know your blood type when you contact us for an appointment so that she can find you a suitable meal plan to follow that will help to improve your specific health issue.

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