2020 has been quite an eventful year, and now with the appearance of Covid-19 it has become increasingly important to take care of our immune systems during our period of quarantine and social distancing. Fighting the corona virus, or any other virus or that matter, only becomes possible when our immune systems are functioning at their best level. A weak immune system is very susceptible to being negatively affected by bacteria and viruses, which can have detrimental outcomes on the health of an individual. 

Here are 8 prominent signs that indicate you have a weak immune system:

1. Your stress levels are frequently high. Stress damages and kills white blood cells that are present in your body to help fight off infections and viruses.

2. You catch the flu and cold very frequently and easily and it takes a while for you to recover (over a week), as the immune system is weak and struggles to produce enough antibodies.

3. You have frequent stomach problems. The beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract defends your gut from infection and supports the immune system. Therefore, if you have low amounts of the healthy gut bacteria, your immune system will not be supported as it should be. This usually occurs as a result of having a poor diet that does not include nutritious foods such as raw vegetables and fruits.

4. You have kidney problems. Our kidneys process our body’s waste as urine, so if they are not functioning properly then waste gets trapped in our blood stream, which adds extra pressure onto a weak immune system to fight off toxins.

5. You are frequently dehydrated and your skin is always dry. A lack of water in our bodies makes our blood sluggish and it takes longer for our organs to function properly, as they are not receiving vital water, nutrients and minerals fast enough to operate efficiently. 

6. Your wounds take a very long time to heal as your immune system is sluggish, delaying the repairing of the skin.

7. You get infections quickly and easily – nose, ear, mouth and skin infections are the most common types.

8. You constantly feel tired. This is due to the immune system conserving as much energy from your body as possible to fight off germs.

It is time that people start to re-build their immune systems that have been weakened over time as a result of a poor diet that greatly lacks nutrition, poor hygiene habits, excessive smoking, stress, lack of exercise and lack of sleep. It is crucial that these areas of your life are addressed so that you can stay healthy and active.

Aside from eating a healthy balanced diet and improving the other points mentioned, we have provided for you on our website some of the most powerful ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years by Arabs to further strengthen the immune system – and we will let you know how to make the best use of each one. 

Blackseeds and Blackseed Oil

Our organic blackseeds come from from the pretty Saudi Arabian nigella sativa flowering plant and have long been known by Arabs as the "blessed seeds", as they help to greatly improve and boost the immune system. They are incredibly rich in antibacterial properties that help to swiftly cleanse the blood and body from parasites and infections. We make our own pure extra virgin blackseed oil using the same seeds via a cold process extraction method that retains all of the nutrients of the seeds and their rich dark colour. 

How to consume the seeds: Chew 7 seeds every morning before breakfast to enhance the immune system. The seeds can also be sprinkled on cheese, raw honey, salads, breads and other foods. 

How to consume the oil: Due to the high concentration of this oil, we do not recommend more than 3-5 drops per day. Add the drops to your daily juice or smoothie to benefit from its nutritious and antibacterial benefits.

Note:The blackseeds that have high medicinal properties are those that come from the nigella sativa plant. Blackseeds are often confused with black sesame, black caraway, black cumin seeds and black onion seeds, as they look very similar – but they have a very distinct and different taste.

Organic Yemeni Sidr Honey

Organic and pure Yemeni sidr honey earned itself the title of ‘liquid gold’ by the Arabs as it is one of the finest and rarest forms in the world. It is produced by bees who feed solely on the flowers of the sidr trees of the Dho’an valley of the eastern city of Hadramout and can only be harvested once or twice a year making it one of the most scarce and highly sought after honeys worldwide. Famous for its golden colour and rich sweet taste, sidr honey has been a symbol of opulence used by the elite as a luxury beauty and medical product since Ancient Arabian history. It comes abound with miraculous healing properties ranging from its ability to treat wounds, moisturise the skin, fight infections, repair digestive and scalp problems, heal ulcers, boost the immune system and much much more. This is due to the fact that it is a rare honey that has a PH close to that of the human body, which means that it is absorbed very quickly into the blood stream, making it a great medicine, unlike other honeys which are more acidic. Our luxurious sidr honey is poured raw and untainted after extraction, offering you the finest grade of a superior and rare Arab treasure.

How to use:Add a teaspoon of this honey to granola, toast and other foods. You can also eat a teaspoon of this honey or dilute it in hot water once a day. We recommend that this is consumed early in the morning before breakfast for maximum medical benefits. 

Organic Omani Samra Honey

Rarest of Omani honeys is organic samra honey, harvested only once a year during the summer from the samra trees that are found in The Green Mountain (Al Jabal Al Akhdar) and in uncultivated desert lands of the Omani city of Salalah. It is intensely fragrant with a deep black tone and is rich in taste and flavour. Its potent healing capacity has made it a renowned natural medicine for internal and external ailments particularly to purify the blood, liver and kidneys. 

How to use:Add a teaspoon of this honey to granola, toast and other foods. You can also eat a teaspoon of this honey or dilute it in hot water once a day. We recommend that this is consumed early in the morning before breakfast for maximum medical benefits. 

Omani Green Hojari Frankincense 

No other can rival sacred Royal Omani Green Hojari frankincense, traded in the Arab world for over five thousand years and so precious it is reserved for the Sultan. It is extracted from the very tops of the youngest of the Boswellia Sacra trees in Oman’s desert city of Salalah, and drips from the cut bark as a fine aromatic resin which dries to form iridescent pale tears. Throughout the world frankincense is known to be burnt as incense, but this grade however is so pure that it is used as a daily medicine to boost the immune system and expel toxins. 

How to use: Add 1 large piece or 5 grams of frankincense to a glass of hot water and cover it for 24 hours. Mix the water until the frankincense piece melts and drink on an empty stomach before breakfast for maximum benefits. You can also chew this resin, as it is a healthy alternative to chewing gum. Do not swallow the gum or whole pieces to avoid the risk of choking. 

Omani Myrrh

Omani Myrhh is extracted from the Commiphora myrrha trees, an incision into the bark produces a glossy waxy resin which is collected and transformed into glassy amber beads. It is a cherished and valued jewel of the Arab world and is commonly burnt as an incense to produce a spicy and warm aroma used as an aid to meditation. Due to its powerful anti-septic properties and healing nature, myrhh has been used for centuries topically and internally in medicine across the globe as nature’s powerful sanitizer. 

How to use:Add 1 large piece or 10 grams of myrrh to a 1 litre glass bottle filled with hot water and close the lid. Leave the myrrh to melt for 24 hours. Shake the bottle well before using it as a mouth wash, hand sanitizer spray or anti-septic for cuts and wounds. One bottle can last up to 10 days or so depending on use. 

Sudanese Arabic Gum

Arabic gum is a natural resin that is obtained by local desert farmers from the sap of wild acacia trees in Sudan. There are various types of Arabic gum, the best being red hashab, which is used as a natural probiotic and therefore very beneficial for improving the digestive system. This type of Arabic gum has also been used by Arabs for thousands of years to improve kidney functionality, bowel flora and the immune system.

How to use: Soak 1 or 2 pieces in a glass of warm water overnight or until it melts. It is recommended that you drink the water before breakfast and before you sleep for maximum benefits. If any of it has not melted, you can place it in your mouth until it does. You can also grind the Arabic gum into a fine powder and mix it with cold water and drink it quickly before it becomes sticky.


Don’t forget to maintain regular cleanliness and hygiene. Wash your hands with soap, preferably natural soap that contains no chemicals, and shower every day. Experience the health benefits of our natural soap bars today, click here to view the entire collection and choose those that are best suited for your skin type.


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