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The L'Araboutique Baby Collection

The L'Araboutique Baby Collection

This collection is a beautiful gift to give to a new mother who loves to use gentle, natural and organic products on her baby.

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Collection contents

This box includes:  

1 Coconut Milk and Mahlab Soap - 100g: Great for babies when they get a fever, it will help to quickly bring the body temperature down 

1 Oat, Sidr Honey and Madina Rose Soap - 100g: Wonderful for gently exfoliating the most sensitive of skin

1 Camel Milk and Sidr Honey Soap - 100g: Adds suppleness, nourishment and hydration to soft skin 

1 Chamomile and Almond Soap - 100g: A lovely creamy soap that will sooth irritated skin

1 Jasmine and Coconut Lip Balm - 20g: A hydrating balm for dry and cracked lips 

1 Pure Organic Sidr Oil - 30ml: A gentle oil that works wonders on nappy rashes, dry patches and areas of irritation 

How to use

Please visit each individual product page for ingredient information and instructions on how to use.

Important information

Note: All 4 soap bars can also be used as safe shampoo bars for babies and toddlers while bathing them.


Natural & organic skincare products handmade with ancient Arabian ingredients & Saudi mineral water