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Oud Incense with Amber and Sandalwood - 50g

Oud Incense with Amber and Sandalwood - 50g

An opulent blend of earthy Cambodian oud, woody amber and sweet, creamy sandalwood. When burned, this incense creates an ambience like no other, transporting you on a journey to the heart of the Middle East.

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Full ingredients

Malaysian wood chips, Cambodian Oud Oil, Amber Oil and Sandalwood Oil.

How to use

Place 1 pinch of the chips on a hot coal in an incense burner and let them burn until the coal turns into a cold ash.

Important information

We advise that you open a window and not to keep the incense near the fire alarm so that your smoke alarm does not go off!

Do not throw away the coal/ash while it is still hot.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from children.

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